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Sustainable Materials

You may think the plastic industry is all bad news, when in fact much greenwashing goes on. In many cases, the carbon footprint for cardboard and other materials is far higher than plastic. See this really eye opening article by the Guardian.

Notwithstanding that fact, we know that plastic will always be with us and it has its place, therfore we still need to continue with our steps towards making more sustainable plastic products.

Take our carbon neutral material we make some of our products with. By adding a ratio of a plastic substitute made from unrecyclable household waste, we manufacture our parts to be of officially carbon neutral material.

This substitute includes all organics: banana peels, chicken bones and pizza boxes, together with baby diapers and mixed plastics.

For every tonne of this substitute we use, we save 948 trees (annual CO2eq sequestration).

Yes, truly sustainable materials.

Please also see our Environment page which shows Thredgards’ true commitment to the planet.

We are also currently working on using agricultural waste to make some of our products. This is a longer term development programme which will transform the industry and which Thredgards will be at the leading edge of.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can manufacture your products with some of these groundbreaking sustainable materials.

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