Please see the following STV interview when Thredgards were asked about the impact of soaring energy bills on the business. Many businesses have been and are continuing to be advesrely affected by these conditions. This is resulting in downstream increases in everything we purchase.

Since then, we have undertaken a project to install solar PV on our 800 sqm roof space. This is currently in the planning stage. (April 2023). This will have the effect of reducing our energy bills by approximately one third. Once we go to the second and third phases of installing energy battery storage, we aim to achieve the goal of net zero here at Thredgards.

We have invested in lower energy machinery over the past 8 years from manufacturers such as Haitian. However, this soaring energy bills issue still has a massive impact on our business. We have absorbed much of this so as not to impact too much on our customers.

We will continue to invest and diversify in order to be competitive and keep our UK supply chain customers in business.

Ultimately, we want to become net zero in the next five years. Even our raw materials are heading this way. Currently we are working with UBQ and Plastribution to produce carbon neutral material products. This uses existing landfill products and is converted into a plastic additive. This results in a reduction in the CO2 impact. Once our energy measures are fully net zero, this means that our plastic products will be carbon neutral, fully recyclable and fully reusable.

Please watch this video