Vinyl End Cap

Vinyl End Cap

Made from PVC Vinyl and dip moulded. This type of vinyl end cap gives an aesthetic finished look to the end product. These caps are flexible and ideal for adapting to pipes and cardboard cores with slightly varying outer diameters. You can also use our pipe end cap range for similar solutions.

You can also use as protective end caps for pipes, threads and ducting. The Packaging Industry also use these and they come in a variety of sizes and depths. For instance, they are sometimes used for cardboard cores and tubes. However, our tube end plugs and caps may be more suitable for packaging applications.

You can also use our pipe end caps as well as our tapered plug and cap range for some end capping solutions.

Due to Thredgards’ in house manufacturing capabilities, we can produce some of the caps in the range in any colour* to suit the application.

Other sizes may also be available that are not listed, therefore please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our technical sales advisers are always ready to help.

vinyl end cap

Typical application of one of our end caps

* Options dependant on quantities required

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