Flange Face Protection Plugs

Push in flange face protection plugs which conform to the highest standards in the chemical industry. We manufacture these products in yellow low density polyethylene.

These flange face protectors are designed to cover the face only inside the bolt holes. You can use them for all class ratings, depending on bore hole size.

You can order these flange face protectors from the table.

The flange protectors have a tapered core for an easy and snug fit into the bore hole of the flange face. As a result, the end user can remove the protector very easily.

Due to their snug fit, they protect well against dirt and dust ingress. In addition, they are used for masking purposes when finishing.

The flange protectors are reusable for a number of times, and the low density polyethylene is widely recyclable.

Thredgards also manufacture and supply other flange protection solutions. Therefore, please have a look at our stud hole protector, push in flange protector, and flange protection disc ranges. We can also supply self adhesive flange protectors which are not yet currently listed on the site. Please contact us to discuss this option.

We can also supply you with a free sample should you wish to try them first in your application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific requirements. Our technical sales advisers are always ready to help.

flange face protection plug

Typical application of one of our flange face protectors. Note the flush fitting and ease of application.

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