Not just mouse clicks? What are we on about? OK, so you can buy anything you like online now. Including plastic caps and plugs and yes, including Thredgards plastic caps and plugs.  In fact, we are happy if you buy from our online web shop.   We are also very happy if you decide that mouse clicking is not for you and you’d rather speak to us. 

We are all about great customer service, and sometimes for you, that means spending a couple of minutes picking what you want and clicking on Buy Now.  Job done. Goods arrive in the post and you’re happy.  Sometimes though you need an answer to a technical question, or to find out if we can help you design your product and get it into production.  You might want advice on which plastic material you should use to make your product – should it be bio-degradable for example?  You may want to come into our place and speak to us (tea and biscuits provided), or have us come to visit you.  All of which we are very happy to do.  All of which needs personal face to face service.  And we’re great at that.

So click away and we’ll be really happy to help, or get in touch by phone, email, or whatever suits you.  We’re here waiting for you. We’re not just mouse clicks…..