Is Plastic Really Evil? The Thredgards’ Opinion

December 17, 2019

There’s a lot of press around just now about how evil plastic is and how we must eliminate it from our lives. As usual, there are many myths and differing opinions on the subject.

Firstly, we have to separate single use plastics from reusable and recyclable plastics.

Our view is that single use plastics should be eliminated – full stop.

Secondly, we have to address the issue of recycling and re-use.

For example, all of our products at Thredgards are reusable and recyclable, meaning that the products can be used as many times as possible before being sent for recycling. We also use recycled plastic in our manufacturing process.

The problem lies with our culture.

Can we be bothered separating and recycling?
Do our local councils have the facilities to separate and recycle different plastics?

We need to change our culture so our recyclable plastics are actually recycled. Commercial arguments always get in the way, but what’s more important? Money, or our environment.

Depends who you are and what principles you hold fast to.

In reality, things are improving on the plastic front. The problem lies with 5 nations that are dumping more plastic waste into the oceans than the rest of the world put together: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Eventually, they will need to catch up. However, in the meantime, we need to do our individual part in separating and recycling our own plastic waste and not sending it to landfill as well as also not purchasing items with single use plastic in them.

Our products at Thredgards are used for packaging, engineering, automotive and the oil and gas industry. All of them can be recycled and/or re-used.

A great 2 minute video has been created by the Economist – please view this below as it’s very enlightening.

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The Thredgards Opinion Team