Thredgards’ Updated Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

On 3rd March, due to the expected spread of the Coronavirus, Thredgards have put in place certain measures until such time as is deemed to be safe. These measures are listed below.

Firstly, and most importantly, the virus is and will have a devastating effect on the population, and at this time, our thoughts are with those affected and those have lost loved ones to this global pandemic.

Since 3rd March, the virus has spread at an alarming rate, however Thredgards are still trying to keep ahead of the curve by implementing the same measures as below, whilst still providing continuity to the business and to our customers.

Office staff will begin working from home as of Monday 23rd March, however this will not affect your contact with us or any orders placed. The factory will be running as per normal with the strict measures already put in place continuing.

On 3rd March 2020, Thredgards’ response to Coronavirus COVID-19 was as follows:

External Contact

– No external suppliers or customers will be permitted to visit the Thredgards site

– Customer and supplier meetings can be arranged using Facetime/Skype

– Any necessary delivery personnel e.g. Royal Mail, couriers etc will be permitted


– Thredgards will be constantly reviewing suppliers during this period so as to try and maintain a steady supply of raw material and other supplies, especially so if these supplies are sourced from any affected countries.

Internal Procedures

– Thredgards currently already use hand sanitisers due to BRC Grade AA accreditation. Staff have been advised to ensure they use these at all times, even when not involved with food contact products.

– Staff showing any symptoms of a flu-like virus will be asked to phone in first and then advised to stay at home by senior management. They will be advised to self-isolate in line with the UK government’s guidelines.

David Haswell

General Manager