Throughout the year long COVID-19 pandemic, Thredgards has continued to progress and support its customers’ supply chains without interruption. Continued measures have been put in place in our factory to keep workers safe and hence result in no business interruption. Office workers are currently working from home as per government guidelines.

Despite the upheaval, Thredgards have purchased two new Haitian injection moulding machines. These will arrive in the next month. One a 380 tonne machine and one a 120 tonne machine. This will allow us to continue to expand on our capabilities as we all as increase our capacity. The 380 tonne machine will allow us to produce larger parts for our customers as UK manufacturing continues to expand post Brexit.

There is also currently a global shortage of raw material which is inflating prices. Some materials have increased by up to 50% in cost. However, we have managed to secure sufficient raw material for the next few months.

During this time with the upheaval of Brexit and the pandemic, we have received many enquiries from customers. These customers want UK manufacturers as their supply chain. We hope this continues to be the case and Thredgards can continue to progress in the same manner. Thank you for all of your support, whether it be customer or supplier and we look forward to a better looking year in 2021.